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Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm



Our Goal

Our goal is to create high quality clothing using an ethical approach. We believe it is possible to bring social awareness and create social change through the fashion industry. 

As a company run by women of color, we fight to be advocates for under represented communities that extends beyond the garment industry. We support POC, queer and marginalized communities and strive for inclusivity. 


Our Approach 

To start creating change, we decided to look at our own community. Los Angeles is home to the largest manufacturing sector; employing over 45,000 garment workers. Most of these workers work under sweatshop conditions.

Our small batch production ensures we get to create a community that is led with fair wages, respect and dignity. Our goal is to educate and revolutionize the fashion industry through our manufacturing practices. Thus everything is made in Los Angeles with love and care.

Our Story 

Our story begins with the founders personal connection with the fashion industry. 

Diana is first generation Latinx woman who grew up in South Central Los Angeles. She is a daughter of  immigrant parents, both of whom worked in the garment industry. Her mother worked in the garment industry for over 25 years: Working long hours, denied overtime and in horrid conditions. 

Her passion for being an agent for change within the manufacturing industry comes from her personal experience and the countless others from her community. 

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